PP Partnership (PPP)

Project Titled

“Establishing of School of Multiple location at ICT on PPP mode of Investment (Initially as Pilot Project at Sector-F-11/2”

Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training Breaks Barriers in Education through Innovative Public Private Partnership


Sequence of Activities



Feasibility Study 



3. Minutes of DDWP Meeting


Request for Proposals




Firms participated in bidding


Technical Evaluation Committee


Technical Evaluation Report


Comments of P3A on Concessional Agreement


Vetting of Law & Justice Division


Final Contract


P3A Act 2017


P3A Act 2017 – Amended, June 2021

14. P3A Act 20217 – Amended, August 2022


In early 2023, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training faced the dual challenges of limited budgets for school construction, and the sobering reality of approximately 22 million out-of-school students. These challenges were exacerbated by the fact that numerous plots of land, allocated by the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) for school construction, had laid dormant for over two decades.

In an audacious move, the Federal Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training adopted an unconventional approach to address this critical issue which demanded an "out-of-the-box" solution, one that could unlock the potential of these vacant lands while addressing the pressing need to educate a significant number of out-of-school children.

The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (M/o FEPT) embarked on an innovative initiative to reshape the educational landscape.

This visionary approach of the Secretary M/o FE&PT led to the formation of a groundbreaking Public Private Partnership (PPP).

The Ministry, in collaboration with FDE, sought to partner with a private entity under the Public Private Partnership Act 2017. The government's commitment was to provide access to these underutilized lands for a period of 20 years, with the private entity taking the responsibility of constructing a purpose-built school meeting specific standard. This innovative school would offer education at highly subsidized rates, with a contractual obligation to provide free education to at least 20% of its students. After two decades, the school would be handed over to the FDE.

The journey towards this transformative initiative began with a feasibility study in February 2023, followed by meticulous planning and a competitive bidding process. Through these strategic steps, the Ministry aims to breathe new life into dormant land, deliver quality education, and ensure that no child is left behind in the pursuit of knowledge.

The Ministry's commitment to addressing these critical issues reflects its unwavering dedication to accessible and equitable education for all.