A ceremony to celebrate success story of IMCB Pind Begwal was held today on 26th Feb, 2020.

A ceremony to celebrate success story of IMCB Pind Begwal was held today on 26th Feb, 2020. This college was upgraded from school in 2012 but due to administrative reasons it could not become functional. In August, 2019, Javaid Mehar (a Deputy Headmaster though FPSC) was appointed as in charge principal of this college who worked with devotion and based this institute on feet by starting college classes in F.A and ICS.

Teaching Staff was posted for inter classes.

Ms.Wajeeha Akram (Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Muhammad Sohail Khan (Area Education Officer) sector Bhara kau, Raja Qaiser Ghaffar (Chairman UC-7, Pind Begwal and Educational co-ordinator of NA-52, educational coordinators from NA-53 and 54, Ch. Hasnat (Director Hamza Foundation), Justice Rtd. Ejaz Choudhry and a large number of people from community participated.

College was visited in details and efforts to reform institution by Javaid Mehar were appreciated.

Ms. Wajeeha Akram promised to provide missing facilities (Additional classrooms, Science labs and Examination hall soon in near future.

IMCB, Pind Begwal is being reformed on modern Paces in order to prepare the students with technological challenges of modern era.

Following steps are part and parcel of the institution:

  1. Literary activities (IMCB Pind Begwal won four 1st Positions in Literary Competitions held in November, 2019.
  2. Sports Gala (IMCB, Pind Begwal won eight 1st Positions in sports held in Bhara Kau sector in October-November, 2019.
  3. Study tours on annual basis to different places.
  4. Farewell parties on annual basis.
  5. Teaching through video links with the help of multimedia
  6. Established Resource room and Library
  7. Formation of Student Council.
  8. Clean and Green Pakistan Movement.
  9. Rallies for Kashmir’s Solidarity.
  10. Community has been mobilized.
  11. Established Computer Lab with new PCs and furniture
  12. Uplifting of sense of responsibility and self-respect among staff and students
  13. Deserving students are given uniforms and shoes.
  14. Inner and outer beautification of college.
  15. Motivational lectures and Career Counseling
  16. Arrangements of movie nights on annual basis in which students are shown documentary movies to infuse patriotism


Ms. Wajeeha Akram addressed to participants, expressed her interest to uplift this college on modern paces. Guest speakers acknowledged efforts by Javaid Mehar to improve institution, staff and students.

Chaudhary Hasnat (Director Hamza Foundation) promised to prepare play ground on modern lines while Justice Rtd. Ejaz Choudhry promised to donate plants for college. At the end of ceremony, Federal Parliamentary Secretary and Area Education Officer awarded ‘Certificates of Appreciation’ to all members of staff.