Incident involving Scarsdale school, Phase -IV, Defence Housing Authority, Lahore

Federal Secretary for Education and Professional Training Mr. Aamir Ashraf Khawaja, taking a serious action against the SCARSDALE School, Phase-IV, DHA, Lahore.


I am writing to you to draw your attention to tbe horrible incident involving Scarsdale School, Phase IV, Defence Housing Authority, Lahore, where a hunch of girls attacked a single girl, manhandling and humiliating her while recording the incident on their mobile phone. The father of the victim has registered FIR with local police and criminal law will take its own course.


Notwithstanding that the girls who were responsible for this act against the victim were the products of extremely poor parenting, the school was equally responsible for allowing this incident in take place during the school hours. You are requested to ask the Punjab Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority to initiate an investigation into the incident and seal the school forthwith to safeguard the students of this institution from similar incidents in the future.