President International Islamic University, Islamabad Prof. Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi met with the Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Mr. Madad Ali Sindhi today on 11th September, 2023

Madad Ali Sindhi warmly welcomed the President of IIUI. He said that the work and efforts of Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi has been exemplary. Minister appreciated the up gradation of the systems in IIUI. Madad Ali Sindhi said that the standard of education at IIUI has been consistently on the rise under the leadership of Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi. 

Madad Ali Sindhi stressed the need to increase the scope of Seerat ul Nabi (PBUH) conference. He said that IIUI should take the lead on this and ensure that such institutions not only focus on the academic education of the students but also on character building. Minister was informed that the Imam e Kaabah Sheikh Mahir Al Muaiqly has been invited to Pakistan and that IIUI will request him to grace the occasion of Seerat Ul Nabi (PBUM) conference as well. Madad Ali Sindhi warmly welcomed the visit of Imam e Kaabah Sheikh Mahir Al Muaiqly and said that his presence will significantly enhance the outcome of the Seerat ul Nabi Conference. 

He said that our society urgently needs to learn the true teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUM) and adapt them. Madad said that there is a dire need of tolerance and understanding of the peaceful religion of Islam. Madad Ali Sindhi expressed his love for the Arabic language and told the President that he thoroughly enjoys conversing in the language. He assured the President that the Education Ministry and Minister’s office would extend total support to the IIUI in its bid to enhance its standards.