Madad Ali Sindhi met with a delegation from Punjab Chamber of Education led by its President Mr. Haji Ashfaq Ahmed Warraich today on 30th January, 2024. 

Madad Ali Sindhi welcomed the delegation and said that Pakistan Chamber of Education has played a key role in bridging the gap between the government and the private education sector. He said that Punjab Chamber of Education has played a key role in bringing down the number of Out of School Children. He acknowledged the positive feed back from the PCE and said that these suggestions will be forwarded to the provinces in the next IPEMC. 

Madad Ali Sindhi was briefed about the problem of unscheduled holidays in the provinces which has led to reduction of the academic days of the schools. He was told that the academic calendar year needs to be revised in such a way that the effects of climate change are addressed. Minister was briefed that due to climate change the weather of different areas is affected differently. For example the smog hit areas are near the Lahore and Gujranwala districts. Hence, due to fog and smog in these areas entire province should not be shut down. Similarly, Madad Ali was told that it is unfair that different provinces have different academic days annually. It was suggested that this needs to be in a uniform manner. PEC also stressed the need for teacher training and offered their services to the government. 

PEC said that through Public Private Partnership the number of Out of School Children can be reduced. In this regard, PEC presented its services to the Federal Government as well. Madad said that these suggestions are positive and the provinces should focus on materialising them. Madad said that it is important that policies should be made in such a way that all private institutions should be catered for. He said there should be not be a single policy for high end and low end private institutions.