Workshop on sustainable STEAM education teaching practises conducted by STEAM Pakistan program


Recognising teachers' crucial role in shaping young minds, it's vital to equip them with sustainable teaching approaches. On the directions of Federal Secretary, Mr. Wasim Ajmal Chaudhry, MoFEPT’s STEAM Pakistan program conducted a dynamic three-day workshop bringing together educators from 135 FDE schools, empowering them with innovative methods to ignite a lasting passion for STEAM education. The workshop featured engaging sessions on elementary science and mathematics, with enthusiastic participation from both teachers and dedicated STEAM mentors from STEAM Pakistan's Learning team. This underscores the collaborative spirit driving this exciting workshop.

The impactful workshop aimed at elevating teacher training outcomes, focusing on enhancing math and science education through innovative techniques and effective strategies. The workshop's objectives encompassed refining lesson planning, fostering collaboration through model lesson plans and feedback, promoting effective communication practices, and imparting proficiency in essential digital tools.

The workshop facilitated an in-depth exploration of techniques to create more effective math and science lesson plans, emphasising thorough coverage and execution. Model lesson plans were shared with teachers, sparking detailed discussions to extract valuable feedback, fostering mutual learning and continuous improvement. The workshop's content encompassed meticulously designed lesson plans spanning mathematics and science for grades 6, 7, and 8. These plans, derived from collective input and feedback, addressed challenging topics chosen by teachers. Segmented sessions ensured a comprehensive understanding of holistic lesson plan development.

Effective communication practices focusing on pedagogy and classroom management were conducted. Educators gained insights into best practices for enhanced teaching skills and conducive learning environments.

Hands-on training enabled participants to navigate digital tools such as Zoom, WhatsApp, and ChatGPT. From installation to application in both in-class activities and administrative tasks, educators acquired proficiency through enthusiastic participation.

Communication skills took center stage, emphasizing elements like eye contact, body language, and facial expressions. Participants learned to leverage classroom dynamics and humour to establish rapport with middle school students. Proficiency in digital tools bridged both in-class activities and administrative tasks, enhancing teaching efficacy.

The workshop resonated with 135 educators from 135 schools, reflecting robust engagement and commitment to enhancing education quality. By internalising and implementing the workshop's objectives, educators hold the potential to leave a lasting positive impact on education.

MoFEPT's STEAM Pakistan program remains committed to fostering continuous improvement in education. The workshop marks a pivotal stride toward equipping teachers with modern tools and methodologies, enriching the STEAM learning journey for students.